A Little Hiatus Became Something A Whole Lot More!

Hey there beautiful souls!

If I cast my mind back to think about when exactly I decided to take a little hiatus from being online, it actually startled me a little to discover it was way back in around October 2020!

What happened? Well it would seem my natural instinct to say yes and to help kinda bit me in the proverbial!  At the time in my day job, we had many people away...  a combination of restructure, holiday level, extended sick leave... and I was volunteered for covering multiple roles due to my all round skill set and willingness to help as well as having to do my own role ... what I didn't anticipate though was how long it would go on for... Fast forward to mid July 2021 and I'm still doing it!  But on a bigger scale... it would seem the Universe decided to turn up the intensity dial for me to learn some lessons and go within to see what I truely wanted to be doing...

Due to the sheer amount of crazy hours I've been doing for months, I simply didn't have the energy to put into my wee biz... as most of you would know, I create my Intention Bracelets with Love and Reiki Healing, so if I'm not in the right headspace or feeling 100% in my health - I simply don't create (I don't want to infuse my creations with stress vibes LOL) 

Add to that Facebook decided to make some changes at the start of the year with Albums saw my monthly Little Online Crystal Markets disappear for the first time in 9 years! 

So before I knew it my Little Hiatus from creating stretched into a hell of a lot longer than I had planned!  I still had my million different ideas scribbled in my notebooks,  I just didn't have the energy to try and take them from concepts to tangibles... but I made sure that I keep writing them down as I knew there would come a time that my energy would return :)

Now I would love to be able to say that time is now... but it isn't quite! What I can say is that the time away has given me opportunity to think about what I want to do next... it's something a little different that I've dreamed about on and off over the years and I'm excited to say that the learning and creating on this new secret project has started to feed the inner fire again... so I feel the time is getting closer for my hiatus to finish :)

My day job has a rather inspirational new Manager and so I am positive there will be changes in my workplace soon too, I have a wonderful new opportunity within the company awaiting me once they recruit a Manager to fill the position I have been doing in the interim since Feb - lets cross our fingers and put it out to the Universe to manifest this soon!

Anyways, I had the urge to start blogging again and share a wee update (the very brief version of the last view months... the full version of all the crazy shit and drama that has occurred would require wine & popcorn and a few hours of your time!)  so I decided to spare you of that and lets just say to summarise my Growth Game is strong!

I appreciate all the kind words and support I've received over the last few months and I am forever blessed for the wonderful community of beautiful souls we have amongst us xxx Thank you , Thank you, Thank you xxx

With love & smiles,

Aileen xxx



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