Hello beautiful souls!

Recently I was asked by a friend if I would like to go and see Sue Nicholson with her as she had an extra ticket ... while I was absolutely stoked that she had thought of me, I was feeling run down & had picked up a cold and I had been doing a ridiculous amount of hours at work for far too long on the edge of burn out, had to sort a sitter for my daughter and so I was picturing the couch calling my name... I picked up my phone to reply and say thanks but I can't ... when I found my fingers typing thank you so much I would love to!  mmmmm not quite sure where that quite came from LOL... well actually I think I do.. thanks Dads :)

Long story short, a number of things fell into place that day, including my wonderful sister offering to look after Miss B, actually getting away from work on time, a renewed sense of energy, and a whole heap of gratitude for the generosity from Monique that was giving me this opportunity to attend , and meet some new people along the way... and unsurprisingly to me... I won the opportunity to sit on the stage with Sue and receive a reading as I had a card taped to the underside of my chair!

As soon as I looked at the card I could hear the voices of all of my loved ones on this side, and the angels side... STRESS... and I sank a little lower in my chair... I was about to get the message loud and clear from Sue I'm sure via my Dad's as I knew that I had been neglecting myself just a tad .. and in front of about 150 people!

I was terrified... not of the message, I was SO excited to have the chance of hearing a message from Sue ... but of having to sit on stage in front of everyone.... to the point where I was wanting to burst into tears or sneak out the back door before she called my name ..  however I knew that I needed to be brave because a lot of things had led me to be there that night.. the words I needed to hear were important ... very important xxx

Sue didn't disappoint , she was amazing with her loving and caring energy, she let me know in no uncertain terms that it would appear that stress was ruling my life, it wasn't healthy for me and that I had the power of choice to be able to reduce the impact that this was creating in my world.   She reminded me of that several times.. just to make sure that it sank in.  And it did.   She spoke the words that I would often doodle in my journal, that my both of my Dads had expressed in conversations with me...

They would tell me that I could do whatever I set my mind to, I had a gift with helping people, that part of my gift was to make shit happen for people, to be there for them in kindness, while speaking open truths, and that whatever I chose would be successful....  Sue told me that she could see that I have amazing wonderful successful opportunities ahead of me which would be far more beneficial that where I was currently giving my energy, to stop stressing on money and trust in myself and my gifts that would provide for my family , and to remember that it is up to me....  I have to choose to TAKE THE LEAP OF FAITH!   

I left the stage with those words just ringing in my ears (and the odd comment about my couch that I still haven’t quite deciphered LOL) and they are with me each day, encouraging me to take little steps each day to change the way I have been living my life, so that I can live the life I have always envisioned..  to have the confidence in myself and my abilities... to do that just one little step at a time xxx  And I know that I can , and that as my health has not been all that flash the last couple of years, I simply have to make shit happen for me now.....  I have a mighty team of cheerleaders to support me in this, both on the earth and the other side ... each time I waiver to fall back into my old habits and comfort zones..  I know they will be there helping to guide me towards my exciting future!

I was inspired to create a bracelet that will help keep my focus while working to achieve this, and surround me in the vibrations to help keep me aligned with my magic  - a bracelet I've called simply ... Brave

If you are still with me reading this, I thank you for sharing my journey and I encourage you to feed your faith instead of your fears too... take a breath and be brave... the rewards are beyond imaginable... life is for living and not just existing ... lets do this thing together!

With smiles

Aileen xxx






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