Hello beautiful souls!

I'm so happy that you have joined me here!  Some of you have been with me since I began Mystic Trinity 8 years ago from working out of my garage with Kyle helping me at markets and Bella just 3 months old...

and then last year my sister and I decided to work together on this beautiful little biz of mine and we rebranded it Sisters Of Light..  Our hearts were in the right place, we were trying to support each other after losing our amazing Dads within a couple of years of each other, while raising our families and working our day jobs...  but at the end of last year we decided it was best for me to fly solo with my biz again while she focused on her little coffee car biz.. and we still help each other where we can.. cause that's we have done for 40 odd years... and we will do for life cause we are not only sisters but best friends too xxx

and so it was then left to me to have a big long think about where I wanted to go as I had endured so much loss, heartbreak, stress, grief over those years that I was on the verge of burnout... so I decided to have a 6 week Summer Hiatus to ponder it all...

.. I have a family to raise and a wonderful hubby to spend time with, a full on day job that swallows more hours of my day than I care to admit, and a little biz that I absolutely love ... I've met so many beautiful souls along the way its been incredible and I knew I wanted it to continue as I still have my trusty little notebook full of all of my scribbles of dreams to manifest...

and so I decided that my wee break was the best thing ever... as it came to me what I wanted to do with SOL ...  for me there are so many more things I want to share with you all , and so I thought I'd name it SOL to stand for SEEK IT... OWN IT... LIVE IT...  which my hubby tells me it pretty much sums up my approach to life so it didn't surprise him much LOL!

So the next blog I will expand on what that means and how to achieve it but for now in typical Aileen Fashion, I've had a million hick ups today and am totally running out of time to press my launch button on the new store!

It's light in product and services, but it's just the beginning xxx 

Over the coming days I will be taking it gently and sharing more blog posts, card readings and adding products to the store... 

Thank you SO much for being with me on this journey, I can't wait to see how 2019 unfolds xxx

With smiles




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