PEACE - A Calming Intention Bracelet

PEACE - A Calming Intention Bracelet

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 Peace -  A Calming Intention Bracelet

Created with Kambaba Jasper, Aquamarine, Smokey Quartz and Clear Quartz , its essence is soothing a troubled mind, clearing of old ways and hurts, return to balance of Body, Mind and Spirit

It has a beautiful peaceful energy that will swirl around you leading you back to your centre within.  It reminds you that there is healing to be found by connecting with Mother Nature, feel your feet on the ground, the smell of the flowers on the wind, sit ... breathe... listen ... relax  ... repeat as long as you need...

All things in Nature happen in cycles... and such is the way on our path... the vibration of these crystals encourage you to let go of that which troubles you and allow your focus on to be on YOU ... align your energy... centre yourself... and feel the soothing calm of your inner peace allowing you to hear the wisdom of your Soul Whispers xxx

All bracelets come in a beautiful little package with crystal information & care instructions.

It is approx 19-20cm on a strong elastic cord which fits most wrists – I ask that you please confirm your snug wrist size when ordered so I ensure a good fit for you.

Disclaimer:  SOL makes no claims as to the healing properties of gemstones. Healing and other properties associated with crystals are given for information only.  This information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment