Honey Calcite Flatstone
Honey Calcite Flatstone

Honey Calcite Flatstone

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This beautiful honey calcite flat stone shimmers with energy and inclusions.

Thanks to Healing Crystals Info

Honey Calcite can enhance the will, bringing extra motivation when needed for long term projects and goals. Meditating with Amber Calcite can help those who are working to change persistent thoughts or beliefs about scarcity.

Also working with the Root Chakra, Honey Calcite offers a frequency of vitality and helps to cultivate a zest for life. People going through depression may enjoy other Root Chakra benefits, such as confidence, strength, persistence, and patience.

Honey Calcite is also known for it's catalytic-type aid in releasing sexual issues, and it's physical strengthening of the immune system.

Weight: 16g
Height: 25mm
Depth: 9mm
Width: 35mm

Each crystal is natural and unique so shape, colours and patterns may vary to the one pictured. Information is for knowledge purposes only and not intended as medical advice.