SOL - 3 Card Oracle Reading

SOL - 3 Card Oracle Reading

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I believe we all have the answers within however sometimes they feel like they are eluding us and need a little extra help to be found and a message from the Oracles may be just the extra guidance you are seeking x

For this short 3 card reading, I will share with you any intuitive message I receive along with the card meaning and description.   This reading is best if you have a situation unfolding to help you understand the flow of the energy.  

This reading involves 3 cards being drawn :

1.  SEEK IT :  Representing where you are at and the energy of the present situation to help guide you to making a decision on how best to work with it

2. OWN IT : Showing the energy that will unfold to follow on should you own it & go with the choice you intuitively felt is the best choice

3. LIVE IT :  The possible outcome and energy that you will be dealing with should you continue on the path of your decision so you can work with it and manifest it in your life.

Please use the comments section in your order to ask your question that you would like me to focus on... Your reading will be sent within 24 hours using a deck that I am drawn to for you x

With smiles,

Aileen xxx

DISCLAIMER:  Please note I do not give specific messages from our loved ones passed over xxx. This intuitive reading is done with the intention to give you some clarity of knowing what energy is on offer so that you can work with it in an empowering way that puts you in the drivers seat of your life aligning with the Universe to co-create your best life.